March 27, 2007

Summer Berries, Work in Progress

I'm taking a short break from the lighthouse painting to let the paint dry a little. One of the dangers of oil paints I have found is that since it takes a while for the paint to dry... I am more likely to put my fingers into the wet paint and smudge it around. Nothing serious... just a little green in the lighthouse.... nothing a little paint won't fix.

So... I started painting another couple little masterpieces. This first one is of a chickadee checking out the season's raspberries. One of my favourite fruits of summer is the raspberry. I remember sneaking into my Baba's (my Grannie's) garden to steal raspberries when nobody was looking. Ahhh... the fun summer memories.

Chickadee oil painting
"Summer Berries"
3.5" x 2.5" oil on canvas paper
© 2007

Tomorrow I'll share another little masterpiece in progress.

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1 comment:

Rose said...

Love the raspberries, they are my favorite in jams... and the birdie is so cool, I love works in progress, can't wait to see more of this one, great work... I have really seen LOTS of improvement in your work over the last year, and you were already awesome then!!! xo Rose

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