June 15, 2013

Leonard - Pet Portrait WIP

Has it really been six weeks since I last posted?  I suppose I have been busy gardening and working on the house, but I also have been painting some on Leonard's portrait.  I have most of the second layer of fur done, just a little left to go on his left check and above his eye.  With the advice given by my dear Husband I have also added a touch of green to his eyes as they seemed much to bright yellow.  Looking at his picture, I think I could tone them down a bit more yet.

10" x 10" oil on hardboard
© 2013
 I am experimenting posting this on my tablet computer so hopefully it posts OK.  Since getting this new electronic toy I have been hardly using the old clunky computer, but I also haven't found an easy way to post on blogger. Giving the blogger app a try and if it works regular posting should resume!
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