October 27, 2013

Winter Waiting - Original Watercolor

Taking a break from chickadee's with a cedar waxwing.  I love the bright warm colours on these guys, especially against the cool blue sky.

Winter Waiting
6" x 4" watercolour
© 2013

October 20, 2013

Golden Glow

I'm having a hard time capturing the colours correctly in this painting for some reason.  Its a little too red, the sky should be a tad more blue.  I'll have to try taking a photo tomorrow in natural light and skip the scanner. 

Golden Glow
6" x 5" watercolour
© 2013

October 15, 2013

Best Friends - Chickadee Painting

Another chickadee.... having fun with these guys.  I love watching them on my bird feeder in my backyard just about as much as I love painting them!

Best Friends
4" x 7"
Watercolour on aquabord

Holiday Chickadee - Chickadee Painting

I thought I would get a little head start on the Christmas themed painting this year.  Last year I didn't finish my holiday card painting until the middle on November which meant I was completely rushed trying to get my cards out. Not this year. Yah!  Now, I can do my cards in a completely non rushed fashion with a nice hot cup of coffee.  

Holiday Chickadee
4" x 6"
Watercolour on paper

October 14, 2013

Fall Colours - Chickadee Watercolour 4 x 6 Painting

Another chickadee painting...  Having fun painting these guys.  It's been a while since I have painted much and these guys are always fun to get back into the mode of painting. I like to think of them as my muse.  

Autumn Colours
4" x 6"
Watercolour on paper

October 11, 2013

Morning Dew - Chickadee Painting

I started this one quite some time ago....  So long ago, I actually can't remember when I started it.  Well, tonight, this little guy is finished, and varnished.  I also added a touch of glass bead medium to the leaves and flower buds...  Kinda like the dew first thing in the morning.

Morning Dew
4" x 4"
Watercolour on aquabord

October 03, 2013

Apple Splash III - Finished

I think I am finished.  I put the final details in last night and put my initials on this morning.  Overall, I am really happy with the way this turned out and with how long it took me..... less than a month!  Now, just need to let it dry and then varnish. 

Apple Splash III
9" x 12" oil on gessobord
© 2013
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