June 23, 2006

Mountain Sketch

I sketched this one on a recent trip to Saratoga Beach, BC using my handy micron pen and prisma colours. I just love going to the beach... its just me, the salty breeze, and the waves crashing on the beach.

Mountain view from Saratoga Beach

I joined an online group called Every Day Matters (EDM) which encourage everyday sketching as a means of practising and improving ones artistic skill. Well... It just seems like a really neat group of online artists who really enjoy drawing and sketching! I'm hoping that this will help inspire me to sketch more. I got lots of sketch books that are unfortunately collecting lots of dust. Not good at all. Sketches will be posted here on a semi-regular basis along with my paintings and photography.

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1 comment:

JoyceB said...

I love your sketch. I have found that sketch books really get my juices flowing... but mine are so messy! Not for public display I assure you :)

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