November 09, 2006

Christmas Robin ACEO

Christmas Robin ACEO
"Christmas Robin"
Watercolour on 300lbs handmade hot pressed watercolour paper
3.5" x 2.5"
Bidding starts at $12.99 USD + Shipping

Will be posted tomorrow on Ebay. I'll update this post with the link when the bidding starts.

Update: Now Listed on Ebay

This painting was so much fun to do! I've really been enjoying birds lately. I'm also enjoying this new hot-pressed paper I bought last week. It has lots of texture compared to the cold-pressed that I am used to using. The only drawback I've noticed so far is that this paper is a little bit more difficult to get a good scan of.

"Christmas Robin" is also going to be available as a Christmas card in a similar format as my candy cane card.


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