January 25, 2007

Lighthouse Work-in-Progress

I wasn't able to get much painting done today, so I thought I would post another current painting on my easle. This is one based on one of my pictures from Stanely Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. This is a slow going painting because I am using many light layers of paint. I have plans for a series of paintings of landmarks around British Columbia (I have already completed a small painting of downtown Vancouver). I hope you enjoy this preview of a masterpiece in progress.

Lighthouse ACEO
"Lighthouse WIP"
2.5" x 3.5" watercolor on paper
© 2007

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Rose said...


I love lighthouses!!! When I lived in NY we used to go to Montauk Point on Long Island just to see the lighthouse at the Point! My uncle lives in Maine and gets to see them all the time... I really miss that... down here in Ponte Vedra we don't see many... not like up north. Keep going!!! :) Your work is so delicate, yet powerful colors bring them together!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose! I just lighthouses... well, I just love the ocean and everything around it to tell you the truth.

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