February 05, 2007

Springtime Robin

Pardon the light glare in the picture... photographing wet oil paints is a lot more difficult than I thought.

Here on the west coast of Canada, the first signs of spring are starting to poke show up. Blossom buds on the trees and crocus greens are starting to make their presence known. I decided to paint a little robin checking out some early cherry tree blossoms in celebration of the upcoming spring season.

Springtime Robin ACEO
"Springtime Robin"
3.5" x 2.5" oil on canvas paper
© 2007

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Anonymous said...


I am in love with this little robin. Is she available? In the interim, could I possibly use this image on my blog? (I found it doing a Google image search.) I love your work. If you check out my latest entry you'll know why this image is so special to me.

Thanks and kudos,

Madelaine said...

Hi Dorthy,
Unfortunately this little guy isn't available anymore (but I would love to paint you something similar).

For your blog, could you email me you blog address? I would love to check it out. My email is: squashedtoad @ gmail.com.


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