April 08, 2007

Morning Light, Work in Progress, Part 6

It might look completely done... but, unfortunately... its not quite done. I still have to paint the bottom edge of the pictures... and then it will be done.

Ucluelet Lighthouse
"Morning Light"
8" x 10" oil on stretched linen
© 2007

This painting has been one huge learning process... its my first landscape, my first larger oil painting, and my first marine view. Looking at it now, there are a few things I would change next time I do one of these. As much as I thought that painting around the edges of the painting would look cool, it has made it a longer process (probably due to the amount of detail I have put in it). Also... I need to better balance the composition... there is too much 'weight' on the left side with nothing to balance it out. Other things are just some minor nitpicks about colours and such. But... overall... I'm really happy with this one.

I hope to finish the last edge in a few days when the current wetspots dry. It'll be easier to grip the painting without rubbing all the paint off. I'll post some pictures of the edges and a better photo of the actual painting then.

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