April 29, 2007

Morning Light

I have finally finished this oil painting. It actually turned out pretty good and I am fairly happy with myself. There were a lot of things I learned about oil paints (and some about composition), but over all... this one isn't all that bad.

Ucluelet Lighthouse
"Morning Light"
8" x 10" oil on stretched linen
© 2007

Here's a couple of side views and a closeup of the lighthouse. This is painted on gallery wrap canvas and I continued the painting onto the sides. The painting of the sides is the main reason why this painting took so long to completed. Next time, I am thinking of just painting a solid colour around the edges.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maadelaine. I love your paintings. The ''Lighthouse'' painting took some doing. At first I couldn't understand why the foliage and rocks under the lighthouse were squared off. Then I read your attatched blog, and all was explained.

JoyceB said...

WOW! I've always done the solid sides & can imagine the extra work... But that is beautiful!

padmaja said...

It is a beautiful work.. I can only imagine the amount of hard labour involved in going around the canvas, but the effort was really worth it. looks spectacular!

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