September 14, 2007

Fading Magnolia

Arrgg... photographing wet oil paintings in the evening is got to be impossible. I tried about 20 shots of this one and this was the best of the bunch. This is another (and possibly the last) painting that I am going to enter into the upcoming art show. Though, this might not be the final version of this one. I am thinking that once it is dry in a couple days I will go in and tweak some of the highlights and deep shadows in the center of the flower.

watercolor chickadee painting
"Fading Magnolia"
4" x 3" oil on canvas paper
© 2007

I only have two more paintings to mat and frame and I can see myself in the very near future making a trip to the gallery to drop off my submissions. Once I have these little paintings done, I am going to return to work on my somewhat abandoned lighthouse and my apple still life.

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