November 04, 2007

Land of Living Skies

Photobucket, where I host my pictures, has been acting up lately and taking forever to load (that is if it loads at all) so I apologize if this page takes a bit longer to load.

chipmunk oil painting
Land of Living Skies
3.5" x 2.5" oil on gessoed matboard
© 2007

I was going through some photographs that I took last summer on a trip home to Saskatchewan and was reminded of the incredible sunsets that grace the prairies. This painting will join the set of sunset paintings that I have been creating over the past little while.

I'm getting my colours figured out for sunsets and soon I'll be moving to larger scale supports (I have a stack of 8" x 10" stretched canvas' waiting to be used).

1 comment:

Rose said...

Hi Madelaine, this ROCKS!! I love skies... this one has a nice COOL feel to it. Awesome!

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