May 28, 2008

My Parents House, a Work in Progress

When I'm not experimenting with my watercolours, I have been working on a painting for my parents. It has been a long time waiting for this painting... but I've finally have a version on the go that I am happy with (so far anyways).

house oil painting
untitled, a Work in Progress
14" x 11" oil on stretched canvas
© 2008

I started out by creating a fairly detailed drawing of the house and a loose outline of the background. I fixed this with a fixative and then put a very thin layer of gesso to bring back some tooth the canvas. On top of that, I laid down a layer of Quinacridone Gold (mixed with mineral spirits). Then, when that was dry enough... I began blocking the painting with various blues, greens, white, and red.

I'm pretty happy with it at this stage and in the next couple of days I hope to block in the colours on the house.

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