October 06, 2008

Oh No! Not Another Work in Progress

I had every intention of finishing this one this weekend, but I suppose you can't always have it your way. I was feeling frustrated with my two oil paintings so I thought I would give the Different Strokes for Different Folks challenge hosted by Karin Jurick a try. Her picture this week seems like a good challenge for me.... it was a shiney object and I love painting shiney objects. But... as not to bring on the evil anti-muse oil painting demons, I thought I would whip out my acrylic paints and give it a whirl

landscape painting
"Chicago Bean"
8" x 10" acrylic on canvas
© 2008

This is as far as I gotten today. Though I had good intentions to finish it tonight, I do have until Tuesday evening to submit it. I got my fingers crossed that I can finish it in time.

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