November 22, 2008

Early Snow

The snow hasn't started falling here yet... but, for the first time this season, I saw wet snow flurries in the extended weather forecast. I'm hoping for the snow not to come yet as I am still enjoying the 'green' outside. I really love painting song birds, but I seem to always paint bluebirds, robins, and chickadees. A pattern I should perhaps deviate from.... mmm... So, what other songbirds should I paint? Any suggestions?

robin watercolour painting
"Early Snow"
2.5" x 3.5" watercolour
© 2008

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Torrie Smiley said...

Dear Madelaine, you've been tagged! Check my blog for the rules.:)


Torrie Smiley said...

My favorite bird is a Painted Bunting...I have never been able to do it justice when I have painted it.


Meda said...

I really love your watercolor bird paintings. I have added you to my blog roll list so I'll come visit from time to time.

Madelaine said...

Hi Meda,
Thanks for coming by :) .

Madelaine said...

Hi Torrie,
I love being tagged and I'll get my up over the next day or so. Thanks for the bird suggestion ... off to find a picture of a Painted Bunting now.

Vicki Greene said...

You did such a wonderful job on the cardinal that I would love to see some more. I also love woodpeckers. Great job on early snow.

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