December 16, 2008

Snow and Coffee

Though it may appear through the lack of regular updates on this blog that I am not painting often, the opposite is quite true. I just haven't been finishing much lately, mostly due to the fact that I am working on larger projects this month. My 'nearest' to completion paintings is below and the only thing left is the background. I started out thinking that a nice orange/burnt sienna colour would look awesome, but, now that I see it I am second guessing myself. Now... I am leaning towards a greenish-blue. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Chickadee watercolour painting
"Coffee" Work in Progress
8" x 10" oil on canvas
© 2008

This weekend saw the first snowfall in Vancouver. Though, snow does not happen all that often (or so Vancouverites will say) it does seem to cause panic on the streets. There is suppose to be another snow storm cruising through the area tonight which mean more snow pictures tomorrow.

Chickadee watercolour painting
© 2008

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