January 11, 2009


I kept myself busy this weekend painting this guy... a beautiful snowy owl (photo courteous of Daisyree Bakker from Wetcanvas. This painting was definitely an exercise in negative painting. That is, not painting the object (feathers in this case) but painting the shadows and around the edges. The shadows/feathers were painted using a minimal of colours: indigo, burnt sienna, and some burnt umber. I used a full palette of yellows and oranges for the eyes (I can't remember them all... but I know there is some quin orange and new gamboge).

chickadee watercolour painting
Reference photo by Daisyree Bakker
6" x 4" watercolour
© 2009

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Vicki Greene said...

Great job! The eyes look real.

Dais said...

O wow! I just found this one and you did a great job.

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