February 18, 2009

Spruce View, A Little More Done

I got a little bit further on this one tonight, adding some more blues to the sky and building up the greens in the lower horizon. The paper is still giving me troubles but I think I am working with it enough not to drive me nuts. Its mostly noticeable when I try to apply washes in the larger areas... and not in the details. The paper seems to develop little flakes of paper that seem to let go of the paper (ball up) when it is wet. The rest of the sheet of paper which I cut this from seems fine. Perhaps the sizing is not as good in this section... anyone else experience this?

Oil Painting
"Spruce View"
work in progress
4" x 6" watercolour
© 2009

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Laure Ferlita said...

Hi, Madelaine, I've had problems with Arches sizing not being even or missing a spot (usually in the middle of the sheet) but I've never had the paper ball up! That sounds like no sizing at all.

Still your painting looks very nice and it is not possible to tell you're having trouble. WIshing you good luck!

Madelaine said...

Hi Laure,
Perhaps its just not sized evenly and I've hit an especially bad spot. The rest of the sheet is much nicer to work with.

Thanks for the good luck. I think I might need it for this one.

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