March 25, 2009

Lil' Hummingbird, Work in Progress

It's been slow going on this one, but I am slowly getting it done. The lil' hummingbird itself is nearly done and I have a little bit of work left on the branch and leaves. Slow and steady on this one.

boat oil painting
Work in Progress
4" x 6" watercolour
© 2008

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Rose said...

Lovely as always Madelaine! I just gave you the Kreativ award that was passed to me by a fellow blogger... if you cut/paste and put in your own answers in a separate post, make sure to let the bloggers you have picked know and to do the same. This will give more exposure to other blogs. I just think it's a great idea and I nominate you and 6 others for this special award!! :) xo Rose

Madelaine said...

Thanks Rose!

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