May 23, 2009

Kingfisher (in Progress) - Bird #1

This is the first painting in my new challenge from Wetcanvas of 100 Birds painting in one year. My hope (and plan) is that by this time next year I will have painted 100 birds. The medium will vary (oil or watercolour) and so will the sizes, but all the pictures will be available directly through me or through my Etsy Store.

watercolour floral painting
5" x 7" Watercolour
Photo Reference kindly provided by Alan and Elaine Wilson
© 2009

The photo reference of my first bird in this this challenge is from Naturespiconline taken by Alan and Elaine Wilson. My palette will be simple for this guy (indigo, burnt seinna, and raw sienna, all Daniel Smith watercolours) with perhaps a hint of another colour or so as I progress.

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Vicki Greene said...

Beautiful work!

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