May 04, 2009

Studio Update: All Moved In (Mostly)

I am (mostly) moved into my new studio... its been a long week of packing/unpacking, cleaning, finding out my cell barely works (out of reception) and taking time to sit outdoors and enjoying the peace and quiet of the area (which is what attracted me to the area in the first place). Below is the view from my place, a wonderful change from the hustle and bustle of city life. I'm close to the city and shopping, but far enough off the beaten path to be away from it all.

I've located most of my paints/canvas'/and brushes and new art should start appearing very soon. I have my easel set up next the window so I can enjoy the view and be inspired by the wildlife. I have chatted with some of my new neighbors and have been told that there are many eagles and sea otters that come up the river to feed on the salmon. Hopefully I can snap some photos of these visitors and I'll post pictures when I do.

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watercolour still life painting
Close to Nature
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Rose said...

So glad you are mostly into your new place now. Looking forward to more of your beautiful paintings!!! I am not on Twitter anymore but still get your updates! Miss you, hope your cold is better. xoxo Rose

Madelaine said...

Its a wonderful place... and my newest recent addition: a couple of kittens! Yah!

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