June 04, 2009

A Moments Pause - Bird #3

I'm almost finished the hummingbird from yesterday, but, I thought I would post this one that I finished over lunch today. I tend to have a couple of small paintings on the go at the same time.... it allows me to go back and forth as I get frustrated with the 'ugly' stage of a painting. It also allows me to work on one painting at my day job during lunch and another at home without having to transport the painting between different locations.

watercolour chickadee painting
A Moments Pause
3" x 3" Watercolour
Photo Reference kindly provided by Alan and Elaine Wilson
© 2009

I'm having fun painting these chickadees and I know I am going to be doing many more by the time I'm done my 100 bird challenge. This guy turned out really well and I am particularly proud of the stray feathers on his white cheeks...

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