June 30, 2009

Rose, Work in Progress

I didn't get nearly as much painting done this last week as I wanted, but... I got busy with life (well, relaxing and catching up with housework) but I think I am back into the swing of things. Tonight, I felt like trying to paint a flower again, but this time a rose.... and with bright fully saturated colours. So far, I love it! I think it is my best floral painting yet. I'm not quite finished it, though I do not anticipate it taking me long to finish a couple petals and fill in the background. Then... back to the birds!

watercolour chickadee painting
4" x 6" Watercolour
© 2009


Vicki Greene said...

Very nice!

Krista Hasson said...

So delicate and beautiful! Very beautifully done.

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