July 06, 2009

Mossy Rest - Work in Progress

I made a quick stop at my favourite local art store today and picked up a couple of Daniel Smith watercolour paints (serpentine green, sap green, and buff titanium)to play with. I probably have more than enough paints to keep me busy for a long time........ but who can resist new colours! I've used the new colours in the mossy bits (lots of work let there) and so far I love the yellowish greens. My undersea green (Daniel Smith) makes a perfect shadowing green (with a touch of burnt sienna in the deepest shadows).

watercolour chickadee painting
Mossy Rest
4" x 6" Watercolour
Photo Reference kindly provided by Alan and Elaine Wilson
© 2009


Vicki Greene said...

Looking good! I love Daniel Smith Colors too.

Madelaine said...

Hi Vicki! I have to admit... that I absolutely adore my Daniel Smith paints. :) Especially the primetek ones... so many colours, so little time. :)

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