August 25, 2009

Summer Stop - Bird #8

Its been awhile since my last posting... went on vacation and just needed some down time before getting back to the easel. Before I left on holidays, I ordered Ampersand Aquabord from Daniel Smith to experiment with. I do have a couple paintings on the go trying out different techniques on this new surface... but, this little chickadee is my first completed painting.

watercolour chickadee painting
Summer Stop
4" x 4" Watercolour on Aquabord
© 2009

The surface is much different than working on paper... having both its pros and cons. The pros: I love the granulating effects I can get with some of my colours, I love the texture and the feel of the brush on the surface. The cons: My colours do not seem quiet as brilliant on this surface... but that could be a technique problem and not necessarily a surface support issue. The other con is that the surface turns a slight brownish-tannish (?) colour when water is added to the surface making a tad bit more tricky to know what the true value of the colour being laid down is until the surface dries.

I wouldn't say that the aquabord will replace my use of paper... but, it is definitely a fun surface to paint on and I have lots more of it to use.


Vicki Greene said...

It is good to see your work again and this little fellow is adorable. Thanks for the info on aquabord.

Gwen Davis Revino said...

This is a charming painting. I like the effects you achieved with the aquaboard.

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