October 26, 2009

Spider, Work Still in Progress

I don't have a finished painting tonight... so, I thought I would post an update on my kitten painting. Work on this guy has been slow and steady (in between the bird paintings) but I've been happy with the result so far. My goal is to have Spider (the kitty) finished in time to send him to his home by Christmas. Time is slowly running out... I better pick up the pace.

watercolour chickadee painting
Spider, Work in Progress
4" x 4" Watercolour on Aquabord
© 2009


Vicki Greene said...

Spider is looking great so far. Beautiful eyes!

Anonymous said...

all your's paint are so beautiful, I love the animals and nature, saturday I will put your link at my blog, can I?

brazilian hugs!

Gwen Davis Revino said...

He looks wonderful so far.

Madelaine said...

Thanks everyone! Always love the comments... even if I am a little slow in responding. :)

Madelaine said...

Hi Fabiano! Feel free to link my blog on yours.

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