November 25, 2009

Silent Night - Bird #23

This one was a bit of a challenge... I tried to get 'snowflakes' using salt on a wet background... but, the aquabord and the salt did not want to cooperate... thus, the 'fuzzier' snowflakes in the background. Overall... I think it is a successful painting and I'm happy with final results.

Silent Night
4" x 4" Watercolour on Aquabord
© 2009

I'm slowly working through my 'to finish' pile and I'll have an update on another painting tomorrow night. I've also started a very special commission that I'll post the beginnings of in a couple nights.


Anonymous said...

beautiful, adorable bird, and christmas ball,

You've got a new layout, nice!

Madelaine said...

Thanks Fabiano!

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