January 02, 2010

Bike Shadows - Step Two

First, I apologize for the poor lighting in this picture.... I'll take a better one tomorrow during daylight. I'm getting closer to finishing this painting having getting much done tonight. I've tweaked the first bicyclist and have the base colour down for the upper sidewalk, most of the middle pathway, and almost all of the lower pathway. I've also started to glaze multiple layers of colour (had to see in this painting) adding depth and wonder texture to the pathways.

My goal for tomorrow is to finish the base colouring of the paths and to start shaping out the second cyclist. Then, perhaps I can add the final layers on Sunday and call it done next week.

acrylic landscape painting
"Bike Shadows"
36" x 30"
© 2010
photo refernce from morguefile

edit: I've updated the photograph this morning to a much better representation of the colours.

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