January 21, 2010

Cheeky - Bird #30

I didn´t have the energy (or the will) to deal with the windows computer tonight so, it is another night on the linux box for me. I´m starting to work more with it and starting to figure out how the heck to use it... so that is always good. The only downside so far is that not all my printers have drivers available in linux. I may not be able to completely get rid of the windows computer yet.

Tonight... another lunch time painting to present. This one is a little Titmouse and he seemed to have a bit of a cheeky look to him... hence the name.

watercolour chickadee painting
2.5" x 3.5" Watercolour
© 2010

1 comment:

Martina said...

Really sweet and well captured that cheeky little fellow!

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