May 25, 2010

Victoria Long Weekend

Well, I had an extremely productive long weekend... though, not in the studio. The Victoria long weekend is traditionally the weekend to plant the garden and generally everything else that needs planting. The only problem... I had no garden and only a lawn full of weeds. So... Out came the power tools, shovels, and just general stamina in the +30C weather. In the end, a beautiful garden all full of veggies and four blueberry bushes on the the outside of the garden fence. Now that all that is done, time to get some productive time in the studio (and out of the gosh darn heat).

watercolour chickadee painting
© 2010

1 comment:

Rose said...

Congratulations on getting your garden started! Looks like it took a while, but it is so rewarding, isn't it?

By the way, are you still active at WC? I just joined a new ace exchange. It's rocking over there.

Cheers, Rose

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