November 11, 2010

Pet Portrait, Indie - Work in Progress Step 8

I've been babysitting my puppy the last couple of days (she was spayed yesterday) so while she is sleeping comfortably I've been working on Indie's portrait again. I'm super happy with the way her face has turned out and all that is left now is her lower jaw and her neck. Then, a couple of days for this layer to dry and I'll start working on the final touches.

oil pet portrait painting
Indie , WIP
10" x 10" oil on gessoboard
© 2010

1 comment:

yati said...

Hi Madelaine..
I love your paintings esp the watercolor birds. You've inspired me to go on with my passion in watercolor which has lost a bit of its spark lately due to 'artist's block' :(
Well, keep it up & wishing you success.

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