November 27, 2010

Pet Portrait Work in Progress - Step 9

I am almost finished the first layer of this sweetie... though, a bit further behind that I hoped. A family emergency this last week and a bit meant that I was not able to spend time at the easel. Life is slowly returning to normal which means more painting will happen.

oil pet portrait painting
Indie , WIP
10" x 10" oil on gessoboard
© 2010


Krista Hasson said...

This is coming along wonderfully can't wait to see it finished

mianoteramo said...

I commissioned Madelaine to paint a portait of Indy for a Christmas gift for my husband and I have to say that I am thrilled! It has been an experience to watch her bring Indy to life. Believe me when I say that the portait is as expressive as Indy. Her eyes are exactly what I see when I look at Indy. All I can say is Madelaine has captured Indy's beauty and most importantly her essence

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