December 19, 2010

Indy - The Final Stretch - Step 11

I haven't posted for a couple days, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been painting... I am on the final home stretch with this sweet little girl... I have finished her head and almost all her muzzle (just a little left on the right side) and then all I have is the neck which should not take that long. The extra layer of glaze has added to much life and depth to the painting and also has made it easier to add in the fine detail (such as the little hairs). One final note of accomplishment on my part... this whole painting has been done with six colours. In the background: Naples yellow, titanium white, and light blue violet. Indy: Titanium white, light blue violet, transparent red earth, ivory black, and quinacridone gold.

oil pet portrait painting
Indie , WIP
10" x 10" oil on gessoboard
© 2010

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