February 03, 2012

Strike a Pose - Bird #63

All finished, now all that is left to do is varnish (I love the look of varnished watercolours), frame, and deliver.  I loved painting this one...  so much so I have already started looking for another loon to paint.

Strike a Pose
Photo Reference:  Alan and Elaine Wilson
6" x 6" watercolour on paper
© 2012


Studio at the Farm said...

Handsome bird, Madelaine!
What varnish do you use? And do you mount the watercolor on a frame before varnishing, to keep it flat?

Madelaine said...

Hi! When I varnish, I put a minimum of two layers of Krylon fixative down first and then I use a Golden UV spray varnish on top. I have fund that this keeps the watercolour paint from 'softening' and loosing my edges.

For the smaller paintings (like this one) I don't mount it or anything. This loon was painted on 300lbs paper so I find that it is thick enough not to buckle.


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