January 19, 2013

Splash - Completed Painting

I think I am done this one... that... or I just need a break from it.  My eyes keep going buggy on the water and I think I am going to 'tight' and not loose enough with it, losing what I was originally intending.  Sometimes, I am learning, that it is better to stop at this point than to continue to fiddle with the painting. 

Well, with that thought... on to the next painting!

Photo Reference:  Alan and Elaine Wilson
© 2013


Vicki Greene said...

I like it! The water is terrific.

Madelaine said...

Thanks Vicki. The water, for some reason, really was tricky this time. I just couldn't get 'the feel for it' I suppose, but I am happy that I stopped where I did with the painting.... otherwise I may have overworked it.

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