February 02, 2013

Candied II - Work in Progress

I originally painted this one way back in 2009 and I thought I would give it a go again, just to see how my style of painting has changed over the last couple years.  I am using the same reference photo and the same style and size of canvas, though my choice in colours is a tad bit different (I've collected a few new colours since then).  Just like in 2009, I am starting with a tonal layer from which I will add the colours, in layers, on top.  I have to admit, I am kinda excited to see just how my painting style has changed!

Candied II
Photo Reference by Michael King
6" x 6" oil on stretched canvas
© 2013


Vicki Greene said...

Looking good already! This just might encourage me to get my oils out and try again.

Madelaine said...

Thanks Vicki. I love working with the oils, but sometimes nothing beats the watercolour.

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