March 16, 2013

Dew Drops Amongst the Snow Drops

I've been a little slow on the updates to this painting....  between the end of the year rush at my day job and fighting one heck of a stubborn sinus cold just hasn't left much energy for painting.  I have managed to work on the chickadee and starting a few more of the snow drop flowers.  Flowers are my nemesis... I keep painting them hoping one day they will come easier to me.

Last week I was sure spring had finally come (hard to believe that this time last year my plum trees were blooming madly!!), but snow and the return of cold weather this past week has proved to be a rude reminder that spring doesn't actually return for another week.  sigh.  Soon, soon......

Dew Drops Amongst the Snow Drops
6" x 4" watercolour
© 2013

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