April 14, 2013

Pet Portraits - Pasha and Leonard WIP

Still plugging away at my pet portraits.... just haven't had the computer on to do an update the last few days.    Pasha has her first layer complete and I am starting the second, detailed layer.  This is where I find the portrait really comes to life as I add all the details such as her whiskers and eye lashes.

10" x 10" oil on hardboard
© 2013
I've also started working on of the burmese brothers, Leonard.  I am finding him a touch bit more of a challenge to fine tune the colour of his fur, but I think I am close now.  For some reason I just couldn't get a true picture of his under painting.  I'll try again when his portrait is a little more dryer.

10" x 10" oil on hardboard
© 2013

1 comment:

Sherry Schmidt said...

I love both, esp. Pasha! Gorgeous doggie and the personality comes through!

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