February 28, 2007


I've been working on lots of experiments painting the blue sky lately. Some of these experiments will be continued to a final picture... some will be gesso'ed over. This little guy is one of the keepers.

I've named him 'Whazz-up" because he kinda looks like he has one of those... well, surpised/inquisitive kind of looks.

Chickadee ACEO
2.5" x 3.5" oil on canvas paper
© 2007

I have two more sky experiments and another spring themed bird that should be done in the next couple days. If not in the next couple days... I'll at least post a couple in-progress pictures to show you what I got done.

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Rose said...

Madelaine, I love your skies and your birds are so lifelike. I didn't know you were working in oils now... how do you like them? Awesome!!!

Madelaine said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks! I have been really enjoying oil paints. :) There are soo many things that I am discovering with them.

Thanks for stopping by!

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