March 07, 2007

Morning Light, Work in Progress

Lighthouse WIP
"Morning Light"
8" x 10" oil on stetched linen
© 2007

This is the painting that has been taking up most of my free time (note... free time is time that I'm not at my day job) lately. Its based on a photograph that I took in Ucluelet, British Columbia last year on one of my many trips to the island. I'm actually really happy with the way its turning out. Its hard to see in the picture (taken at night... the final picture will be taken with daylight), but there is lots of colour and movement in the rough sea in the background. I got myself on a schedule with this one. I want to complete it before the weekend.

From the closeup (detail in the lower right hand corner of the picture), you can see that I am wrapping the painting around the edge of the canvas. I find it a bit more tricker to paint... but I think it looks really cool hanging on the wall.

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Rose said...

I just LOVE THIS!!! Is there anything you can't do? Wow, this is magnificent.. I love the way you are progressing on the water... that's one thing I have a lot of trouble with and you are doing super!!! I really love your versatility with so many mediums. Keep on goin, this is great! :^)!!!
Hugs, Rose

Madelaine said...

Thanks Rose! I am having soo much fun with oil paints. :) Just gotta remember that oils dry a little slower and thus I have to keep my little fingers out of the wet paint.

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