January 15, 2008

From the Sketchbook: Arizona

One from the sketchbook tonight. I'm throughly enjoying the new paints... especially the quinacridone deep gold. This deep orange adds an incredible richness to my paintings. It is a part of the "Toucan Triad" set available through Daniel Smith and I highly recommend it to everyone.

watercolor hummingbird painting
watercolour sketch
© 2008

A few years ago I went on a wonderful (and yet too short) visit to Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding area. I was awestruck by the incredible number and sizes of the cacti... this having been my first trip to a desert. I'd love to go back the area and spend more time photographing and painting the desert.


Making A Mark said...

Madelaine - I've had an abiding interest in cacti ever since I visited Arizona and New Mexico in summer 2006. They're absolutely amazing.

I think I'm right in saying you sketched a Saguaro cactus

Madelaine said...

Hi Katherine,
Yup... That is a Saguaro cactus. They are absolutely amazing!! I really couldn't believe how big they got.

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