November 19, 2011

Fleeting Moment - Completed

I absolutely love the shiney metallic blue of this butterfly and it is a shame that this is the only photograph I got of it at the Butterfly Gardens in Niagara Falls, Canada.  I suppose that this means I will have to make a trip back someday to get more photographs!!

  Fleeting Moment

7" x 5" oil cradled wood
© 2011
I never thought I would enjoy painting butterflies so much (not sure why....  perhaps it was the greens of the plants or so just something about their delicateness) but I am having a total blast painting them. 

The blues are a combination of Titanium White, Phthalo Turquoise, and Light Blue Violet.  The greens are a combination of Titanium White, Sap Green, Cadmium Green Hue, and Green Gold. 



Studio at the Farm said...

Beautifully portrayed, Madelaine! The colors are superb.

Madelaine said...


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