November 20, 2011

Time Swiftly Passes - Work in Progress

I started my next butterfly painting...  I am going for a slightly more detailed background (increasing the 'complexity' with each painting I do).  I hope to have the background done in the next couple days, then I will tackle the butterfly.

  Time Swiftly Passes
7" x 5" oil cradled wood
© 2011
I have been painting these butterflies on cradled hardboard (which I totally love painting on).  The surface is prepped with a minimum two coats of extra heavy acrylic gesso (one layer brushed stroked on one way, the second layer perpendicular to the first).  Then I sketch in my drawing and seal it with a layer of fine pumice ground.  I absolutely love painting on a layer of fine pumice ground... not only does it have just the perfect amount of tooth for the paint, but it super nice to blend on.  I bought myself a small jar (which is almost done) so I suppose I just might need to splurge on a larger jar in the near future.

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